My most recent travels- working my way around the world (Rep. of Georgia, Poland, China, Costa Rica)

Me & Akal police in DachaSome of the police I taught: At their Dacha for a BBQ. Lots of Vodka and guns!

Me & Artash
With Artash, my great, friendly driver. You cannot believe how tough a Lada is, or what terrain these seemingly small cars can go over.

UXO below classroom
The (unexploded?!) shells below my classroom in the police station.

Shit bricks
Shoveling manure to make manure bricks for the stoves in preparation for the harsh winters of the Javakheti Plateau.

Polish embassy
You never know where you might end up when traveling

Giant bike in Tbilisi
A big bike in lovely Tbilisi

Big Dog in Caucasus
This is not photoshopped, there may be some lens distortion on the hind legs, but the sheep dogs of the Greater Caucasus are HUGE, apparently because wolves were a real threat here. In Svaneti church with direction sign


sledding w the kids in Akhaltsikhe
Sledding with some local kids in Southern Georgia – the hill is steeper than it looks!

Me w backpack Borjomi
Borjomi National Park

Break while hike to glacier
Mestia: Hiking to a Glacier

Grouse hunting Georgia
I am not a hunter, but I found myself on a horse with a shotgun in no time in Southern Georgia hunting something that I think were grouse or quail


I was lucky enough to spend a summer in Poland on the way from the Caucasus to China

Walesas workshop
Gdansk: Lech Walesa’s workshop

ZapiekankaZapiekanka, Polish “Fast food”

Eating the Zapiekanka on this day bike trip. I couldn’t get Google Maps to show exactly what we did, but it is on a very interesting long thin peninsula in the Baltic Sea in North Poland. I show the whole bay, because it stretches from the bit of Russia on the Baltic all the way towards Germany. We took a ferry from Gdynia to the tip of the peninsula to a little town called “Hel” (pronounced Hell: No joke, the bus that goes there is number 666 – nice to see a town with a sense of humor!). We then rode down the peninsula, very flat, and hit the mainland, where there were no roads in some areas and really big sand dunes, made for some tough going, back to Reda. 80 k all told, but on old bikes, and with museum and lunch stops along the way, made for a full, nice day.

Biking through Hel in the Baltic Sea

GdnyniaAn old warship, one of a number of interesting ships on the huge Gdynia pier.


After Poland, CHINA

I spent most of the year teaching in a Middle school. I loved this class!

IMG_3526Cycling around beautiful Yangshuo in South China on the local rental bikes. Mine was also pink .A lot of fun.


Like I said above – You never know what you might end up doing when traveling. Here, on the judge’s panel at a fruit carving competition.

IMG_0480Teaching in lovely Yangshuo, Guangxi Province, for the summer.

IMG_0510Adding some geography into the lesson – I really enjoyed that. Notice the projection they use in China – China is more or less central, just like in the United States the US and Europe are more central.

HuangshanIn the beautiful Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) of China.

Huangshan 2


The NestThe “Nest” – site of the Beijing Olympics. Enjoyed the Chinese New Year staying in a “hutong” (little alleyway neighborhoods typical of Beijing). The hutong are really nice, great for meandering walks on cold winter nights.

Great Wall

HangzhouHangzhou, walking in the big wooded hills/parks in the center of town.

HZ cooking showYou never know 3: I was on a Chinese (Zhejiang Province) cooking show, and then later, on this variety show presenting the dish I learned to make. An interesting experience all round, both to work with a real Chinese Chef a little, and to see how a TV show is made behind the scenes. The guy on stage was a dead ringer for PSY, and the dancers and him did a perfect version of Gangnam Style.


umbrellasAt “Chinawood” – apparently the largest Recording Studio complex in the world. This street decoration was really amazing.
ArcheryA little archery in “Chinawood”
IMG_3418By my school – my favorite “meat on a stick” guy – snacks on the way home.


WuzhenZhejiang Province is known for its lovely canal towns.

Learning KitesurfIn the Philippines learning to kitesurf.

And back across the Pacific to the Americas


I work for a group that brings in volunteers to work either on the Caribbean side with turtles and jaguars, or the Pacific side in a disadvantaged school in a fishing village on a peninsula (we go there by a short boat ride, the isthmus is mangrove swamp so the village functions like an island). We organize the program, and the volunteers have a chance to learn about Costa Rica, teach English, we built a paved play area for the school, things like that.

Low tide The Fishing village
Low tide in the fishing village.
Painting ping pong table
We made this for the kids, and I am finally gettting some stripes painted on.
Surfing Dominical
One of the perks of working on the coast. I am only just learning to surf.

Winning the bodyboard championship
We helped the village organize a bodyboarding championship to raise some money and their visibility in the local area. It was a big success. Here, the winner after his last run being carried out of the water.
The little ones use whatever they can to bodyboard
The little ones use whatever they can find to join in.

With the kids on the palm tree on beach


10 K run
At the kite festival there was also a 10k beach run. I entered, but the local triathlon club showed up – so I did not win!